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Just follow this steps:
1. Click the official link to debian 8 live cd what is the standard login and password below.
2. Use your name and password to login.
3. If you are having issues and can't sign in, just let us know.

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Debian 8 (Live-CD) what is the standard login and password?

Although this is an old question, I had the same question when using the Standard console version. The answer can be found in the Debian Live manual under the section 10.1 Customizing the live user. It says: It is also possible to change the default username “user” and the default password “live”. I tried...

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5. Zabbix appliance [Zabbix Documentation 3.0] Overview As an alternative to setting up manually or reusing an existing server for Zabbix, users may download a Zabbix appliance or Zabbix appliance installation CD image. Zabbix appliance installation CD could be used for instant deployment of Zabbix server (MySQL), Zabbix server (PostgreSQL), Zabbix proxy (MySQL) and Zabbix proxy (SQLite 3). Zabbix...

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