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Deezer App is an android application that let you personalize the music you love on your phone. It also has a fantastic feature to stream your music anywhere, anytime and experience Flow. Should we then call it a music player? It’s more to that.

To start using this amazing Deezer App you have to download first then create the account, that is to signup for  Deezer Account.

Another way you can register for  Deezer Account is via the official website, but to me, I think its a long process opening an account through the official website since you will be using it on your mobile phone. then the best and fastest way to get started is by downloading the  Deezer app for Android via your play store then sign up from there.

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How to Download Deezer App for Android phone

Every Android smartphone has a Google Playstore App in it so you have to :

  1. Download Deezer App here to make it faster
  2. After that, open the app, you will be instructed to either “Login” or “Sign Up”. Remember you are supposed to sign up to gain access to Deezer App features
  3. Fill the form. Your name, email address, password, username and your date of birth are required to complete this task, in few minutes. At this post, if you really do not want to start filling the form then you can signup using your Facebook account or Google account. Then automatically once you allow it, the same data used in any of those accounts will also be used to register for new Deezer Account.
  4. then click “Sign Up”.

Please note that by clicking the signup button below, you have agreed to the rules for creating the account.

How to Setup Deezer Account after sign up

Now you have created this account, you have to set up the account, but the first thing you see is the :

  • welcome page with your username
  • then you will have to select one or several genres that you love, then click next
  • now you have to select your favourite artists and click done. You can also select more than one

Logo: deezer2 logo

It’s good I let you know this,

  • that from this moment the artist you will be listing to –  are not limited, meaning that artist from all over the world you will get their song right in your phone through the Deezer App for Android phone.
  • Also, you can now download any favourite songs of any artist for free.
  • you can mix songs here also.
  • get the old and latest albums of any artist of your choice.
  • Get latest released music and listen straightway.
  • and many more…

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