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Error code BID 1439 usually occurs if you enter a wrong one time code from your code device several times. This usually happens if you:

  • have different code devices and use a wrong one
  • also have BankID from another bank and forget to choose DNB in the first step of the login procedure


Call us on 915 04800 (+47 915 04800 from abroad), and we will help you.

Error code BID 2031 usually occurs due to two main reasons:

1. You are using Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11 on a computer at work
In order to use BankID on your computer at work, IT Support needs to include the following url: in Trusted sites for Internet Explorer. More information is available (in Norwegian) at

2. You are using a browser that is not resently updated
You need to update your browser to a newer version. You can do this by clicking “settings” and “about” in most common browsers to check for updates manually.

BankID is a personal and simple electronic proof of identity for secure identification and signing online. In the physical world you identify yourself with a passport or bank card. In the electronic world you may use your BankID to certify your identity.

Your BankID is personal and must not be transferred, entrusted to or used by anyone other than you. Passwords, personal codes and other security procedures shall not be revealed to anyone, including the police, the Bank or members of the Customer’s household.

Read about BankID, BankID on your mobile and more information on

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